Confessions of a Failing Adult: Part Two

My blog says I'm a day away from a quarter life crisis and it's especially true lately. If you read part 1¬†you know I've been struggling with feelings of inadequacy, which I feel is common at this stage of life. You feel like you should be at a certain level but you're not there yet.… Continue reading Confessions of a Failing Adult: Part Two


Confessions of a Failing Adult: Part One

Admittedly I'm a tad dramatic and pessimistic when it comes to my outlook on life. I'll hit one setback and my mind will spiral down a dark path. For anyone else, I'm the ultimate cheerleader but for myself, I assume nothing will ever go my way. In my defense, my life experience to this point… Continue reading Confessions of a Failing Adult: Part One

Last Year I Became A Junkie

Back in January of this 2018, I saw a Facebook ad for a cardio class called 305 Fitness. It seemed like a fun dance based class so given my dance background I convinced my best friend to go with me while I was up in NYC. Little did I know, 55 minutes later, I'd become… Continue reading Last Year I Became A Junkie

2019 Fitness Goals

Happy New Year! If you were blessed enough to make it to 2019 I hope you have big plans to take advantage of another amazing year of life. Speaking for myself, I have some pretty lofty goals this year but I'm keeping those under wraps for now. What I will share are my fitness goals… Continue reading 2019 Fitness Goals

The Pursuit of Happiness

If I had to sum up 2018 in one sentence, the pursuit of happiness fits the bill. Two years ago I was the unhappiest I've ever been and one year ago I spent my New Year's Eve into day crying so happiness has been holding out on me for a while. Or more accurately, I've… Continue reading The Pursuit of Happiness