In Case You Haven’t Heard it Lately, You’re Awesome

As much asĀ  I tell myself and others that comparison is dangerous and you should avoid it, it seems to be a natural human instinct, especially with the prevalence of social media. Lately, I've found myself doing a lot more scrolling than living and I realized it was starting to make me feel some type... Continue Reading →


Leaps of Faith

Pinterest has really been speaking to my soul lately. It's like they know the exact words I need to see at the exact time I need to see them. Today, in an aimless scroll I came across "Mistakes are proof that you're trying". It's a phrase I've seen probably hundreds of time before but today... Continue Reading →

Investing in Yourself

Last week I attended a webinar session on social media customer care, which is my current field of work. Given that one of the panelists was a Twitter employee,Twitter was a main topic of conversation during the session. I've made and deleted several twitter accounts over the years. It's a platform I never really latched... Continue Reading →

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