Steps Towards Forgiveness

As a friend recently told me, if you haven't experienced heart break by now, you haven't been living. At 24 going on 25, I've been through more than my fair share of betrayal and hurt, both romantically and platonically but if I held onto all of that I'd be a hot mess. (Some would argue... Continue Reading →


Perfect Timing

I think at some point or another, we've all created a timeline for our life. Whether you write it down or keep a mental note, you have an idea of when you'd like things to happen. We've all told ourselves by this age, we'd like to have x, y and z. Or ______ can't happen... Continue Reading →

Leaving an Impact

I was getting into a good blogging rhythm and then life happened and I disappeared. But I'm back and better than ever! Ok, not really, but I am in a better mood now that we have more sunlight and summer is closer so I am better, in a way. Anyways... Part of life happening was... Continue Reading →

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